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Comprehensive Funeral Plans

1 - Comprehensive Funeral Plan (2)

Comprehensive Funeral Plans pays out a cash amount to the main member or beneficiary to cover the funeral costs.

Please download the application form, complete it and return it to admin@infussionfinancial.co.za. Please do not complete the form online as you may not be able to complete a digital signature.

To determine the type of care you or a loved one needs when aging, health care and insurance providers will assess the ability to function independently. To do this, a set of criteria called “activities of daily living” (ADLs) is used. These activities cover a patient’s ability to perform basic daily tasks such as eating and dressing.

Benefits that cover the costs of a funeral up to 7 extended family members (parents, parents in law, uncles, aunts etc.) who are covered on a Comprehensive Funeral Plan policy.

“Extended Family” means the brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, parents or parents in-law, grandparents of the principal insured person, provided such person(s) are under 85 years of age.

“Parents or Parents in-law” (as stated in the policy schedule) means the parents or parents in-law of the principal insured person whose names appear on the application form. The following is a list of parents that can be covered:

  • Biological father or mother of the principal insured person or spouse.
  • Adoptive mother or father of the principal insured person or spouse.
  • Legal guardian of the principal insured person or spouse.
  • Stepmother or stepfather of the principal insured person or spouse. A maximum of four parents can be covered.

Benefits start from as little as R27.


    • Repatriation Services:
      • The repatriation of mortal remains of a Life Assured to the funeral home of the eligible persons’ choice.
    • Legal Assistance:
      • A 24-hour telephonic legal advice line, a standard document service and a direct legal consultation service.
    • Ambulance Services:
      • Immediate response is dispatched to the scene of a medical emergency to an eligible person.
    • HIV and Trauma Services:
      • This is a 24-hour emergency assistance helpline, which will arrange for the necessary help an eligible person may require in a situation where assault, accident exposure to HIV or any other trauma occurs.
    • Discounted Food Vouchers:
      • A unique benefit that brings about a saving on your monthly grocery purchases. Each member can save up t0 R1250 per month on selected items.
    • Roadside Assistance Benefits

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