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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A family cover option includes the main member (principle insured), spouse and up to 5 dependent children under the age of 21 who are allowed on the plan.
  • The total amount of members allowed on a policy is dependent on the rules of the policy.
  • The single cover is for 1 main member only, therefore payment is for the single individual on the policy.
  • For family cover, you pay 1 premium for the whole family (main member, spouse, number of dependent children allowed on the plan you choose).
  • Extended member cover you pay per person you cover on the policy (any non-qualifying child and/or foster child (18 years and older) of the Principal Insured as well as parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts (the sister of the Principal Insured’s mother or father), uncles (the brother of the Principal Insured’s mother or father), nephews (the son of the Principal Insured’s brother or sister), nieces (the daughter of the Principal Insured’s brother or sister), grandchildren.

Proof of *Insurable Interest must be provided.

* Insurable Interest means to assess the relationship with the proposed insured person under the age of 21 in order to determine if you support them financially.

The Waiting Period is the period subsequent to the entry date, and is stipulated in the policy schedule, in which no benefits to a Principal Insured or any of its Dependents or Extended Family members will be paid.

There are 3 basic waiting periods applicable to any policy – death due to natural causes, death due to accidental causes, and death due to suicide.

Yes, if the policy allows for Extended Members.

Cancellation of your policy can be done by the Principal Insured or the Insurer within 31 days of written notification.

This is a personal choice, however, funerals are expensive and you have to look at the cost of funeral-related expenses such as coffin, flowers, lowering devices, storing the body of the deceased, etc.

The pay-out is made to the nominated beneficiary on the policy to use at their discretion.

No medical examination is required for funeral insurance with Infussion Financial Services.

Premiums differ from plan to plan. You may get Single funeral cover for R30 000 for as little as R130 a month, Family cover for your whole immediate family for R30 000 at as little as R165 per month or you may get cover for a parent (extended family member) for R15 000 for as little as R115 per month.

All covers are subject to terms and conditions.

Yes, depending on the relationship to the Principle insured / main member.

Your documents can be posted, e-mailed or sent to you using WhatsApp.

For queries, changes in personal information and claims, you may contact us at 0861 11 22 56 / 0861 46 38 77 or at admin@infussionfinancial.co.za.

To determine the type of care you or a loved one needs when aging, health care and insurance providers will assess the ability to function independently. To do this, a set of criteria called “activities of daily living” (ADLs) is used. These activities cover a patient’s ability to perform basic daily tasks such as eating and dressing. Benefits that cover the costs of a funeral up to 8 extended family members (parents, parents in law, uncles, aunts etc.) who are covered on a Comprehensive Funeral Plan policy.

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